Create a Dynamic Legacy With Your Family and Friends

Are you looking for a way to add meaning to the holiday season? Think about making giving a part of your family or friend celebrations this year using your donor advised fund! Here’s how:

  1. Set up a time to gather.
  2. In preparation for the gathering, explain that each person or family unit will have a designated amount of money to give away from your donor advised fund. Encourage them to carefully consider and discuss areas of need they see around them.
  3. At the gathering, have everyone tell about the organizations they chose to support and why. You will get a glimpse into the hearts of your loved ones and start them on a path toward noticing needs and responding.
  4. Send us your grant recommendations.
  5. Please share your stories with us!

Donor advised funds are great giving tools, but they can also be great teaching and connecting tools. Have FUN with your FUNd this season!

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