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“An extra man on the field…if they identify a problem, then they’re looking for a solution.” That’s how Kimberlyn Jackson, a science teacher at Clarke Central High School, describes the role of a Family Connection-Communities In Schools (FC-CIS) site coordinator.

In 2016, through a generous 2-year grant from the AT&T Foundation, Family Connection – Communities In Schools of Athens was able to provide our high schools with site coordinators, the ‘extra man on the field,’ who can go beyond the support of a school administrator, guidance counselor, or social worker. The five site coordinators placed in three high schools provide three tiers of support to students:

  • general support available to more than 3,000 students
  • group support to students with various risk factors
  • one-on-one support and case management to 275 highest risk students

The site coordinator model works. It addresses the reality that, while what happens in the classroom is essential to student success, students and families who face the greatest challenges in the community must have additional support to achieve their potential. Site coordinators ensure high school students have food over the weekend, access to mentoring/tutoring services, clean clothes to wear, eyeglasses, and other supports. They make certain that student families receive support services, such as grief counseling or a voucher to keep the electricity on in their house.

Our results: More than 95% of the students stayed in school, and 97% of juniors and seniors graduated on time (compared with 80% of the overall student body).

What can you do? As our grant funding has come to a close, we are compelled to ask our community for support. Students deserve the support of site coordinators. We are launching a Site Coordinator Campaign to raise $100,000 by December 31, 2018 and need your support.

Give generously: Make a one-time gift by December 31, a monthly gift of any size, or visit our website at if you prefer to give online. Remember, this student support system is only successful if community members like you continue to sustain it.

Connect us with others: Share this letter with others or call/email 706-369-9732 or and offer to make an introduction.

In the words of Sheila Dunham, Assistant Principal at Clarke Central High School, the site coordinators are successful because, “They are experts at building relationships with the students. They track [student data] and get results. They are servant leaders at our school.”

To learn more about these servant leaders from the perspective of some of the students they serve, visit our website at

With gratitude,

The Family Connection – Communities In Schools of Athens Board of Directors:

Robert Finch, Vice President & Treasurer
Matt Beacham, Treasurer
Shirley Reyes, Secretary
Lucy Atkinson, Resource Development Chair
Liz DeMarco, Volunteer Coordinator
Nancy Denson
Katrina Evans
Susan Fontaine
Peggy Galis
Lee Grahl, Board Development Chair
Emma Holman
Jerry Johnson
Sidney Michael Johnson
Paul Kurtz
Demond Means
Vernon Payne
Oliver Pryor


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