Project Manager

Job Description

The Athens Area Community Foundation, in conjunction with institutional and community partners , seeks an individual to fulfill the role of Project Manager for the Athens Wellbeing Project (AWP) beginning Summer 2018. The Project Manager will report directly to the President of the Athens Area Community Foundation.

Requires a bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Master’s degree preferred. Familiar with a variety of the concepts, practices and procedures associated with evaluation, research design, and marketing/communications.

The Project Manager will perform a variety of tasks, including leading communication among AWP stakeholders and the AWP research team. Creativity and latitude is expected—with an ability to use innovative strategies for dissemination of complex information to a variety of audiences. The ability to enhance visibility of the Athens Wellbeing Project and the Athens Area Community Foundation, increasing organizational reputation is a key aspect of this position.


  1. Facilitate communications between and among AWP partners, including but not limited to stakeholder individual and group meetings.
  2. Design and implement a master communications and outreach plan, primarily for:
    • Data collection phase (focusing on engaging households for survey response)
    • Reporting phase (dissemination of results to stakeholders and the community at large)
  3. Work closely with other data-driven initiatives in Athens-Clarke County; including but not limited to the Envision Athens a public-private partnership, combining intuitive and informed analysis and community feedback.
  4. Plan, organize, and promote annual community event(s) for dissemination of key findings/results.
  5. Work closely with research team and community partners to identify extramural funding opportunities.
  6. Regularly update and maintain Athens Wellbeing Project website with new reports, findings, presentations, and events.
  7. Establish relationships and engage with new community partners.

This position will be a part-time, contractual position and will be based on 1,040 annual contractor hours to be billed at the end of each month. Contract work will not exceed 87 hours per month. Limited evening work may be needed—the contracted project manager will be expected to adjust traditional work day(s) as needed to account for any non-traditional work time.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Sarah McKinney, President\CEO Athens Area Community Foundation on or before July 2, 2018.

Sarah McKinney | | PO Box 1543, Athens, GA 30603