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Ready, Set, Go!

The Athens Area Community Foundation is launching a signature Board Leadership Training, consisting of four separate workshops:

  • READY, for leaders who have skills to contribute to a board;
  • SET, for leaders currently serving on boards;
  • GO, for current Board Chairs and Executive Directors to come together;
  • REFRESH, for current nonprofit Staff.

These courses are stand-alone courses. You can attend just one. Or several. Or attend them all – you choose your path!

Victoria Prevatt with Good Works LLC, in partnership with the Athens Area Community Foundation, has designed each workshop with the community in mind. By strengthening board leadership, we can strengthen the nonprofits we serve and make our community stronger.

Why You Want to Be There

Bring the best you into the board room! Great leaders are continuously learning. Whether you have never served on a board, your board service is at the best it has ever been or if you are feeling lack-luster in your board role, these workshops are for you.

You will hear from an experienced consultant to learn best practices in board governance as well as hear from peers serving our community as board members. You will leave feeling ignited and ready to grow with the organization you are giving back to!

“Our community deserves strong board leadership across all of our nonprofit organizations. I think this program is coming along at exactly the right time.”
– Myron Downs, board member, AACF

Course Details

Each workshop will be held from 8:00am-10:00am. Jittery Joes coffee and Mama’s Boy biscuits will be served.

Registration is $25 per attendee. If cost is an issue, or if you would like to support someone attending, please email us at

Each workshop is limited to 25 attendees.

Each two-hour workshop will start with coffee and breakfast and a welcome from the Athens Area Community Foundation. Victoria Prevatt will then present course materials, followed by breakout time for self-reflection and group discussion.
We will conclude with a brief evaluation, Q&A, and feedback to shape future iterations of the training.


Designed for leaders who have skills to contribute to a nonprofit board.

Walk away knowing why you want to serve on a board and tools to help you bring the best you into any board room.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022
8:00am – 10:00am ET

First American Bank & Trust
300 College Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why serve? Motivations for serving on nonprofit boards.
  • Overview of the nonprofit sector.
  • Misconceptions about nonprofits.
  • Understanding the responsibilities and roles of nonprofit board members.
  • Review of essential documents (Bylaws, Financials, Policies, Strategic Plan).
  • Understanding organizational values.
  • How to choose a nonprofit board.

“I just began serving on a Board and am not fully confident in how I can best contribute. I know Victoria’s knowledge and expertise will be a big help for me going forward”

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Designed for leaders currently serving on boards.

Are you considering moving into leadership roles within a board of directors (executive committee, committee chair)? Walk away with next-step training and understanding on how to enhance and elevate the board experience for yourself and fellow board members.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
8:00am – 10:00am ET

Synovus Bank
150 W. Hancock Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why did you join a board?
  • Board member basics (Review of Roles & Responsibilities).
  • Trends and data about board leadership across the nonprofit sector.
  • Understanding the nonprofit’s revenue model and how it impacts the organization’s work.
  • Language (CEO or Executive Director).
  • Hiring, evaluating and supporting the CEO
  • Succession Planning (for CEO and building a board leadership pipeline).
  • How to identify and re-design board culture to one that is purpose-driven and serves the mission in a meaningful way.
  • Committee structures.
  • Board and staff roles.
  • Organizational values.
  • Meeting design: How to hold engaging and impactful board meetings.

“I’ve served on my board long enough to know there is a lot I still do not know. I’m excited about this session and how it can help me improve as a leader.”

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Designed to build stronger partnerships between the Executive Director/CEO and Board President for greater impact.

CEOs and Board Presidents sign up together to take a deeper look at how your organization frames its work, how to create a board culture of engagement and curiosity, and ultimately lead with a wholistic view of the mission and community being served.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022
8:00am – 10:00am ET 

Synovus Bank
150 W. Hancock Ave, Athens, GA 30601 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the role of the nonprofit’s impact on the community at large.
  • Better board meetings designed to create a culture of curiosity & learning, leveraging board relationships toward a common outcome.
  • How to plan and prep for board meetings together (who does what).
  • Board committee structures – how to activate for highest use.
  • CEO support and evaluations – aligning expectations and results, best practices and next practices.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – what to look for and when it might be right for the organization.
  • Program evaluation and ensuring mission integrity.
  • Advocacy, policy, and the role of local, state, and federal government in partnering to address the root causes of the problem being addressed.
  • Financial forecasting – shifting the revenue model and its impact on the organization.
  • The Board Retreat – when, what, how, and why; getting the board retreat-ready.

“I’m VERY excited about this session – I think it’s critical for our growth. Plus I am always looking for ways to get our Board more deeply engaged.”

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Designed for nonprofit Staff.

Learn pieces from each of the Ready, Set, Go courses tailored to what you, as staff, can utilize in building a great board culture. You will walk away ready to welcome new board members and rejuvenate current ones!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022
8:00am – 10:00am ET

Synovus Bank
150 W. Hancock Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Learning Outcomes:

  • Internal and External Culture.
  • The role of the board as a support system.
  • Community advocates.

“Board culture is always on our mind – and it is an ever evolving challenge. This session has come along at the perfect time for us!”

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Workshop Leader

Victoria Prevatt, Founder, Good Works


For over 20 years, Victoria Prevatt has worked with organizations at the crossroads of board governance, philanthropy, and storytelling. She’s had the opportunity to serve a broad range of nonprofits – from small grassroots startups to legacy institutions with global impact. Throughout her career, Victoria has worked on behalf of missions that range from affordable housing, higher education, conservation, and youth development.

In 2017, she founded Good Works to be a resource for the nonprofit community. Victoria is on a mission to elevate and enhance the experience and impact of nonprofit leaders, board members, and investors. She believes nonprofits are the heartbeat of a community – and communities deserve a healthy and happy heart.

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