Update on Community Connection’s Community Platform

As we discussed last issue, Community Connection of Northeast Georgia has teamed up with AACF to purchase a new software package called Community Platform which includes a searchable database to create a more effective and easy way to enable donors, social service agencies, and the community to acknowledge needs and discover resources to address complex community issues. This searchable database is scheduled to launch in March of 2015. The updated information within the database will include 600 organizations in Northeast Georgia, helping to increase the amount of popup events in the community. These events will directly help residents in the area to inform themselves on the data gathering process and increase knowledge about services.

Since our last issue, Community Connection of Northeast Georgia has been hard at work implementing the Community Platform software package with funding from AACF. The Community Platform’s searchable database is a critical component of a broader effort to enable donors, social service agencies, and the community to identify needs and leverage resources to better address complex community issues. The Community Platform software is scheduled for launch in March 2015.

Leading up to the launch, the Community Connection team has rallied the community to help update information for over 600 organizations in Northeast Georgia. This is an effort to ensure that the information put into the Community Platform database is up-to-date and accurate. Through “pop-up” events around the community, Community Connection has been able to involve residents in the data-gathering process, while also offering them the opportunity to increase their knowledge about social services in the area.

Additionally, as some community members have themselves experienced periodic difficulties getting in touch with agencies, they have become increasingly aware of how difficult it may be for those in need to connect with helping organizations. As the Community Platform rolls out, it will offer a vital network of information for both clients and service providers, decreasing the number of organizations clients will need to contact in order to find accurate and appropriate information. Further, the software enables agencies to gather hard data around deficits and services available, a vital component in matching services to community needs and funding opportunities. The process of making Community Platform work for northeast Georgia has already created collaboration and networking between agencies, strengthening the web of support available to Georgia residents. The Community Platform supports AACF’s broader goal of accurately assessing the needs and capacity of our social service safety net. AACF looks forward to continuing this work with Community Connection in 2015.

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