Walter West

As a senior college student at the University of Georgia, one of the final academic requirements to fulfill is a service or experiential learning course. This is designed to aid students in developing real world, hands on experience in their fields of study, complementing their coursework and setting them up for success post-graduation.

This is what led me to the Athens Area Community Foundation.

As many of you know, there are a multitude of community service and non-profit organizations in the Athens-Clarke County area. However, amongst them all, the AACF stood out. The Athens Area Community Foundation connects donors with the causes they champion, while meeting, advocating for, and providing for the real time needs of the dynamic and fluid community we live in. Simply put, the AACF is an intermediary between donors and the Athens community, taking the guesswork and complicated nature of philanthropic donations out of the equation.

And this is where the AACF truly excels. The manner in which the organization interacts with the community, donors, and partners, is “white glove,” and the AACF prides itself in that. By providing a high touch, relationship-driven approach to community service, the AACF does more than just serve and unify community; it builds a community of its own.

Working with Sarah and Kipper this fall has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Their passion, optimism, and selfless service manifests itself in every interaction they have, from the postal worker delivering a package to a donor reaching out to have his fund delegated to a cause. This has reminded me that true success is built on kindness, empathy, and a relentless commitment to hard work.

This is what we, as members and stewards of this community, should remember: We can make a difference. No matter how big or small, it matters.

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