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Empty Stocking Fund

The 2022 Empty Stocking Fund is closed for the season.

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The Athens-Banner Herald Empty Stocking Fund has been a source for local agencies to assist those in need in the Athens area for many years. Funds raised through the Empty Stocking campaign are used to help families at risk of eviction pay rent and take care of many other necessary expenses, including medical, power and water bills. Since 2018, we partnered with the Athens Area Community Foundation to handle all funds donated to assist those in need.


For individuals seeking support, please connect with the 211 hotline by dialing 2-1-1 or texting 898-211 on any phone.

Thank you to the 2022 campaign donors:

Platinum donors

Barbara and Frank Rice Memorial Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Richard Warner

Roy G. and Marlo Wiggans

Jeffery & Rebecca Engel

Lief Carter and Marilyn Vickers

Robins Financial Credit Union

Laura and Harris Lowery

Mr. and Mrs. James De Haseth

David and Evelyn Knauft

Bertis and Katherine Downs Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

The Theresa Perenich Caring Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation


Carl and Sara Glickman

Julie and John McLeod Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Dr. Phillip Tomporowski and Dr. Regina Smith

Lew and JoBeth Allen

Holt-Kassay Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James De Haseth

McKenna Archibald Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Kent and Rebecca Silver in memory of Ardie and Wilma Silver

Terrell Family Foundation

Fred and Eileen Hale

Kathleen Smith Giving Fund

Mr. William R. Edwards Jr

Alice and Noah N. Langdale, Jr. Foundation

The Huffer Foundation Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation


Anonymous in memory of Bill Hopper

Lee Nelson Weeks Charity Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Carson Advisory Foundation

Jane M. Payne

Samuel and Mary Elliott

Gold donors


Don and Jo Anne Lowe


Geneele C. Crenshaw

B. or G. Allard

Patrick C. Mercardante Family Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Janet and Alex Patterson


Doris Firth

John and Elizabeth Barton

Calvin & Christine Burgoyne in memory of Mary and Gordon Eggett

Bert and Joanna Hill

Mark and Trina Von Waldner

Erika C. Lewis Family Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Gordhan L. and Virginia B. (Jinx) Patel Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Anthony and Sharlys Crisafulli

Mona & John Heinze

William Binion


Wendy B. Zomlefer

James L. Jones Jr.

Jan Coyne

Lowell and Meg Jett

Anne Brightwell

Athens Atlas Chiropractic Center

Kevin and Carolyn Clancey

Mrs. Glada Horvat in honor of UGA Athletic Association Compliance Staff

Richard & Ginny Lynch

St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church


Frank and Anna Arnold

Ms. Ann W. Shumpert

Silver donors

Jane Marston

Wyatt and Margaret Anderson

David and Jean Giannasi

Dennis and Marian Beresford

Jannette Ockenfels

Carol E. Jones

Mr. Davison Burch

Mr. and Mrs. William Norred


Mr. and Mrs. John Hankinson

Ms. Sylvia H. Arant

Mr. Michael J. Brake

Mr. Philip E. Koehler


John and Juanita Haley

Rakesh and Sunita Singh


James and Ruth Lahiff

James and Laura Dowd

Vera M. Simpson

Carter Naylor

Frank and Susan Gilmurray

Susan Brown

Beverly Logan


Sara Ehlers

KathyLynne Sanderson

Julie Luft

Linda Ritter

Al and Kathy Conn Parker Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation


Anonymous in memory of Rachel and Morris Mitchell

Tom and Nancy Thomas

Ed and Sue Wilde

Harold Thompson

Carter Naylor

Ms. June M. Ball

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron T. Deiter

Ronald and Vera Simpson in memory of our parents, always in our hearts!

Jimmy Louis Wingfield

Dominic Fuccile

Ian Russell Hardin

Anonymous in honor of Taylor Causey

Donald Ragogna

Richard and Joy Vanhassel



Ronald E. Elliott MD

100 Women Who Care

Paul and Carol Kurtz Giving Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation


Judge Patricia Barron

Anonymous in honor of Jack and Sarah Frierson

Anonymous in honor of John Frierson

Gene Harrison

Ms. Emily Honigberg


Mark and Jan Wheeler

Gay and Scott Martin

Sonny and Beth Thurmond

Wesley Sparks

William and Norma White



Beverly H. Sams

Debra L. Swain and Annelle Beall

Linda G. Chafin

Sandra Hunt

Jerry H. and Virginia Lynn Rogers

Brittany Link & Kellie Fuss



Charles A Hunnicutt

Diane Cooper

Evelyn Boynton

Jessica Allan Ostick

Kathleen G. Rohs

Kevin B. Smith

Larry L Grinstead

Lawrence Family Fund

Linda Banks

Matthew D. Humphrey

Michael D. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Blake

Ms. Sandra Keller

Rebecca Miller

W.S. and R.L.S.

Ed and Dianne Jordan



Inge Whittle

Michael & Monika Kapousouz


Ashley Shearer

Huff Grove Baptist Church


100 Women Who Care Athens



CCI Sisterhood

Allan & Susan Armitage



Jessica Johnston

Sarina Rousso

Laurie Hart

Katie Bemisderfer

Anonymous in memory of Eddie Lockamy

Anonymous in memory of Claire Thompason

Mr. Thomas A. Simpson

Catherine Slaughter


Red donors

Stephen Olejnik

Sara Williamson

Martha Thomas




University of Georgia Golf Course Staff

Jonathan F. Krell

Team Hunt-Starrs

Susan Carter in honor of Chuck Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Edenfield

Helen Claire Benson

Rhonda Sorrow

Bobby and Linda Snipes

Cynthia L.

Anonymous in memory of Elizabeth F. Jones


Mr. Kelsey Dan Howington


Larry Lewis


Patricia Shover


Jane M. McMullen in memory of Charlie Mac

Diane M. Ehlers

Nina Lamson

Ladies Auxiliary VFW Mitchell-Fields, Post 2872 Inc

Jerry and Betty Chesness

Elizabeth Francisco

Jennifer Frey

Rich Niemeier

Caitlin Eley

Anothony and Elizabeth Komac

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The Athens Area Community Foundation is a public grantmaking foundation that builds community by encouraging long term giving through funds created by caring donors.

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