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Empty Stocking Fund

The Empty Stocking Fund is closed for the season! We will not be accepting any new referrals to the fund at this time.

The Athens-Banner Herald Empty Stocking Fund has been a source for local agencies to assist those in need in the Athens area for many years. Funds raised through the Empty Stocking campaign are used to help families at risk of eviction pay rent and take care of many other necessary expenses, including medical, power and water bills. Since 2018, we partnered with the Athens Area Community Foundation to handle all funds donated to assist those in need.

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Thank you to the 2023 campaign donors:

Platinum donors

Grace Adams


JoBeth Allen

Fred and Eileen Hale

Mr. and Mrs. James De Haseth

Jeffrey and Rebecca Engel

Doris Firth

Joe and Lisa Frierson

Ginger Duensing

David and Evelyn Knauft

Barbara and Frank Rice Memorial Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Holt-Kassay Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Richard and Ginny Lynch

Richard H. Warner

Lee Nelson Weeks Charity Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Carol E. Jones

John and Elizabeth Barton

Kent E. Silver, in memory of Ardie and Wilma Silver

Glass Pyles Charitable Fund


Sam and Mary Elliott

The Smith-Tomporowski Family Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Roberta K. Hudson

Jane Payne

Tammy and Bill Kemper


Alice and Noah N. Langdale, Jr. Foundation

Janet Booker

Vanessa Cannon

Anonymous, in memory of William Hopper

The Glickman Family Foundation


Gold donors


The Al and Kathy Conn Parker Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

G. Allard

David and Jean Giannasi

Mary and Larry O’Toole

Wendy Zomlefer

Jeffrey and Rebecca Engel

Bert and Joanna Hill


Mark and Trina von Waldner

Glada Horvat, in honor of the UGA Athletics Compliance Staff

Geneele C. Crenshaw

Michael and Selina Catto


L.B. Ritter

Dominic Fuccile

Nutter and Associates, Inc.




The McQuiston-Stueck Foundation Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Milledge Avenue Baptist Church

Atlas Spine and Balance

Anthony and Charlys Crisafulli

John and Mona Heinze

St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church


Silver donors

Beverly Logan

Elisa Zarate

Susan Brown

Philip and Linda Koehler

Dennis and Marian Beresford

Rakesh and Sunita Singh

Jan and Mark Wheeler


Ian Russell Hardin

KathyLynne Sanderson

Laurie Hart

Gayle Rogers

Alan Parrish

Jane Marston

Jannette Ockenfels


Rhonda Sorrow

Ed and Sue Wilde

Ladies Auxiliary VFW Mitchell-Fields, Post 2872, Inc.

Dave and Devereux Burch

Jo Ellen Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. William Norred


Ruth Harman, in honor of John Holdridge

Inge Z. Whittle

Margaret Stahl

The Lawrence Family Fund


Deirdre Kane

Tom and Nancy Thomas



Stephen Olejnik

James and Laura Dowd


Ms. Jan Fosbender

Margarette Fowler

Don and Beverly Abbott

Kent and Rebecca Silver, for Julie McCoy

J. McCoy, to honor him, Pa Rum Babum

Michael and Monika Kapousouz

Donna and Don Davis


Ted and Sandy Deiter




Carter and Heidi Naylor

Eleanor Walker

Judge Patricia Barron

Jessica A. Ostick

Kathleen G. Rohs

Vickie and Jerry Tolbert, given on behalf of the pharmacists and technicians at the Epps Bridge Walmart Pharmacy Department

Judge Patricia Barron

Jessica A. Ostick

Kathleen G. Rohs

Carter and Heidi Naylor

Eleanor Walker


Pamela J. Snelling

Steve and Diane Horton

Evelyn Boynton



Sonny and Beth Thurmond

Dennis and Pam Blake

Anonymous, in honor of The Usual Suspects

University of Georgia Golf Course Staff/SBF

Mark Cobb, for Jimmy and Shari Cobb and Family

The Novey Family Fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation

Jim and Shari Cobb and Family

Jerry and Ginny Rogers

Suzette Lay-Heard

Bobby and Linda Snipes

Sylvia Wilson, in memory of Chad Ellett and in honor of Beth Daniel

Mary P. Boswell

Sandra Hunt

Anonymous, in honor of Glada Horvat

Joy and Rick VanHassel

Cristy Sinksen



Sandra Keller

Sara T. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Poole, in memory of Valmore Pryor Carter

Emily B. Honigberg

W.S. & R.L.S.

Katie Bemisderfer

Huff Grove Baptist Church

James Deeley

Beverly Sams

Paula and Matt Alexander

Julia Holt

Isabelle and Sam Seward

The C. McCullen Family

Thomas Simpson

Mary Atwater

Ann Shumpert

Tony and Betsey Komac

Sylvia Arant

Kevin and Carolyn Clancey


Red donors

Mr. Luten Nunnally

Nicholas Kundin

Patricia Shover

Ms. Roberta J. Carver

Vera Simpson

Catherine Slaughter

Susan Carter, in memory of Chuck Carter

Susan Carter, in memory of Billy and Joyce Chatoney

Ms. Claire Benson

Jennifer Frey

Elizabeth Francisco

Jordan DeWitt

Caitlyn Eley

Anonymous, in memory of John Bleyle

Mr. K. Dan Howington

Randall Edenfield

Rich Niemeier

Team Hunt-Starrs


Jonathan Krell


Sara Williamson

Connie Bruce

Mt. Zion Chapter No.207

Jerry Chesness

Ellen Ritchey and Roger Vogel


Shirley Sanders

Nina Lamson


Cynthia Prosser

Charlotte and Larry Lewis

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