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Planned Giving: It’s Never Too Early to Plant the Seeds

Planned Giving: It’s Never Too Early to Plant the Seeds

In today’s philanthropic landscape, it’s not just retirees and older generations who are thinking about the future. Surprisingly, Millennials and Generation Z are already setting their sights on becoming millionaires to achieve their long-term goals and are more socially conscious than ever. This shift in mindset presents a unique opportunity for non-profits in our community and other charitable organizations to rethink their planned giving outreach strategies.

The key takeaway is clear: it’s time to expand your horizons and include younger donors in your planned giving efforts. The younger generations are becoming increasingly investment-savvy and are eager to plan for a better future. Here are some key ways to begin planting the seeds for these future donors and ensure they are ready to become your key constituents.

The Online and Social Media Focus

Younger generations are motivated to give online and are highly influenced by social media. To capture their attention, tailor your planned giving strategies accordingly. While many planned giving techniques may seem complex due to legal and tax considerations, it’s essential to simplify your language and promotional materials to match the preferences of this tech-savvy audience.

Speak Their Language

¬†When using social media, keep your messaging concise and to the point. Instead of overwhelming them with terms like “bequest” and “charitable remainder trust,” appeal to their desire to make a “lasting impact” by “getting organized” and “planning ahead.” Use language that resonates with their values and aspirations.

Financial Savviness

Highlight various ways young donors can use planned giving techniques to support causes they care about while tapping into tax-saving strategies. Show them how their financial savvy can make a significant difference in their charitable giving.

Share Success Stories

One way to catch the attention of potential donors is to focus on stories of younger donors who have already structured their estate plans to support your organization and causes they are passionate about. These success stories can inspire others to follow suit.

Job Changes as Opportunities

Recognize that young people often change jobs frequently. Use this as an opportunity to educate them about naming your endowment fund at the community foundation as the beneficiary of an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan or rollover IRA.

Embrace the Younger Generations Today with Planned Giving

The Athens Area Community Foundation has the expertise and processes to assist any non-profit in setting up a planned gift to benefit their mission. Donors can establish a planned gift through a simple fund agreement that outlines their charitable intentions. This fund can direct their gift to any organization(s) they wish to support. If they need to make adjustments to their planned giving, they can easily amend the fund agreement on file at our foundation, avoiding the need to rework their entire estate plan for minor changes.

If you have donors interested in setting up planned gifts to support your mission through their estate, we are here to support you in those conversations and make their giving experience simple and seamless. Our dedicated staff is always available to assist you in growing your endowment and reserve funds, ensuring that your mission continues to thrive for generations to come in our community.

The changing landscape of philanthropy offers an exciting opportunity for non-profits to engage with younger generations in planned giving. By adapting your strategies, simplifying your language, and leveraging the power of social media, you can inspire a new wave of donors who are passionate about making a difference and planning for a brighter future.

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